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" My sweater is outstanding. The quality is amazing, and I'm getting compliments every time I wear the sweater or I'm photographed in it. Thank you for the work that you do, and for providing such high quality products."

Joe Carlos



" You did not disappoint on the quality. The sizing is perfect for me; I have more of an athletic build ( broad shoulders) and I am able to wear a button up shirt underneath flawlessly. The style the sweater is made for... I can't wait to see the upcoming collections for this year! Forever Customer and Supporter!  "

Jessica F.



" I absolutely love it. I actually wore it to work and everyone definitely understand the “vintage” take on the sweater. I wore it under a navy blazer and it was still comfortable and gave me the look I was going for. It was professional, vintage and modern at the same time.
The quality is great. I can tell it will last a long time. Also it kept me warm.
The only down side I may have was that I think the sweater was too big. I normally wear a S so I ordered it in a S and I think it was just a little bit too big. But I also understand that this is something we will be passing down to our children so I definitely love that idea.
Overall it’s a great product I love it... I would order it in another color as well but I know that hold rank list is long lol.
Thank you so much.

L. Pleasant